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I’m Sebastian and I’m all into lifestyle design, making money online and personal development.

This blog is a compilation of the stuff I’m working on as well as an insight into my day-to-day life.

I love to travel and I’ll share my travel adventures as well as reviews of places and sights I encounter along the way.

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October 12 2013

Case Study: My Biggest Affiliate Site Disappeared From Google

Today my absolutely biggest affiliate site pretty much disappeared from Google. As a learning lesson for myself as well as for you as a reader I’m going to turn this into a case study and see if I can figure out what happened. Some background About a year ago I decided to give affiliate marketing and SEO an honest and dedicated try. I had some money saved up from previous consulting gigs and decided to fully immerse myself in the affiliate and SEO-world and finally be able to make all my income online. I started out with the site that actually disappeared today which is a Swedish site in the pay day loan niche. The pay day loan-niche in itself could be labeled as a bit dubious but in the end it’s up to grown-up and mature adults to make their own decisions regarding their private finances. If someone wants to take a pay day loan they definitely should be entitled to – given of course that they are informed of the terms as well as potential pitfalls of not repaying their loans. /End of ethics-discussion :P The reason that I started with this niche was due to the fact Read More

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